Trenchless Installation by Relining

Relining creates a leak-tight “pipe within a pipe” system, which is as good as new in both structural and hydraulic terms. The method has an unbeatable advantage: the old pipeline is replaced quickly and easily and the client benefits of a pipe that is of the same quality as a new one in every way.

The relining process involves pushing or pulling the new pipes into the existing pipeline and filling the remaining annular space between the host and liner pipes with pressure-resistant grouting, usually a mixture of binding materials. This fixes the inserted pipe in position and it can take over the complete structural load capacity. HOBAS Relining Pipes are particularly suitable for pipe rehabilitation, as they are light in weight, corrosion resistant, quality assured, easy to install and resist the load from the grouting. To put it in simple terms: relined pipes are as good as new – in every respect.