Hydraulic Properties

GRP pipes have excellent hydraulic flow characteristics with significantly lower friction losses than other products of similar dimensions. Not only are the hydraulic properties favorable, the smooth resin rich inner lining provides protection against highly corrosive media and the internal surface is not prone to tuberculation and encrustation. This makes HOBAS Pipes an attractive alternative in water and wastewater engineering and here in particular for lines with low flow rates.

HOBAS Pipes have the following hydraulic roughness values.

Roughness Coefficients for Pipes
Colebrook-White k 0.01
Hazen-Williams C 155
Mannings n 0.008-0.01

As a result, less energy is required to transport the liquid through the pipe. The amount of energy saved (pressure pipes) is an important aspect that has to be taken into account regarding the cost-effectiveness of a pipeline system. Given the smooth seamless liner, sludge deposits and incrustations are minimized. Maintenance and cleaning costs are therefore kept low and the planned pipeline is more efficient right from the outset.