Efficient Pipelines - Curved Installation without Bends

Angular deflection is an important criterion in pipe installation and in regard to the system’s leak tightness. In addition to the flexible material properties, the couplings enabling the pipes to be angled is another notable feature of HOBAS Pipes. Larger radii can thus be achieved without using special fittings. Where subsidence is not expected to be uniform, adjacent pipe joints can be at different angles.

The risks involved in connecting pipes to fixed structures can be minimized by using additional joints (short pipe with coupling). Please note that the standard manhole and structure connections generally allow ample options for angular deflection.

Benefits of HOBAS Angular Cut System

  • Improved pipeline efficiency, as practically no hydraulic losses occur as with miter bends
  • Optimal alignment thanks to high adaptability of pipeline to the terrain
  • No or reduced need for bends and concrete thrust blocks
  • Easier and faster installation, as miter bends and concrete thrust blocks are not required
  • Less adaptation required on the construction site, fewer pipes cut on site