Our Responsibility

Why Responsibility is Important to Us

Who does not care of tomorrow today is in a way guilty of negligence – this is not only true for individuals but also for companies. At HOBAS it means that we create the basis now for continuing to operate successfully in the market and safeguarding jobs in the future. Setting the course today ensures that we will also have highly qualified and motivated employees tomorrow. We therefore conserve natural resources and use energy sensibly when we develop products. In addition, we see ourselves as corporate citizens and neighbors who have a role to play in society – however big or small the issue - and we set ourselves the goal of authentically accepting ecological, social and economic responsibility.

Our global projects have an impact on people and the environment. We are aware of this great responsibility and regard sustainable business management as our overriding objective. It is important to secure our long-term success by constantly focusing on our customers´ needs. Only if our customers and employees are satisfied and the company is on a sound footing can we really make things happen.