HOBAS Special Couplings

HOBAS Pipes are also available with special couplings. Special pipe joints include mechanical couplings, adapter couplings and sleeve couplings.

The mechanical coupling consists of a stainless steel sleeve with a mechanical screw connection and an EPDM gasket seal. For project-related dimensions, please consult the HOBAS Application Engineering Department in charge.

The DC Coupling is on one side fitted to the PVC mat. It can therefore be used as GRP/PVC adapter coupling.

Sleeve couplings from e.g. FlexSeal for later installation of gravity pipes. Suitable for connecting different pipe materials.

Physical Properties
Mechanical Coupling DN 200 - 3600 mm
Adapter Coupling DN 200 - 300 mm
Sleeve Coupling DN 200 - 600 mm

For technical details, possible designs and information regarding installation please contact your HOBAS Sales Representative.