HOBAS Utility Shaft

HOBAS provides apart from standard manholes also solutions for utilities of all kinds. HOBAS Utility Shafts combine the proven advantages of GRP material and are on all sides corrosion resistant.

HOBAS Utility Shafts consist of a HOBAS Shaft Pipe, a base plate, and a floor channel. The pressure pipe leads through pipe sockets. The annular space is sealed and leak-tight. Depending on general conditions (manufacture, transportation, installation) the shafts are produced in single or multiple units. Utility shafts are available with or without anti-buoyancy measure.

  • Pipe shaft
  • Anti-buoyancy measure
  • Pipe socket (protective pipe)
  • Pressure pipe
  • Tee (joined with assembly couplings)
  • Aeration equipment
  • Flanged spigot
  • Slide valve with flanged joints
  • Laminated pipe shaft coupling (on multi-unit designs)
  • Ladder
  • Sump well
  • Manhole cover