HOBAS Pipe Joints Production

HOBAS Couplings are produced by filament winding. To meet the same quality standards as for the pipes, HOBAS Couplings are fitted with a high quality EPDM gasket (membrane). The computerized machine for manufacturing the couplings operates as follows: First it places a prefabricated EPDM membrane on the steel mandrel and then winds glass roving impregnated with polyester resin around it. At the same time, it sprinkles cut roving onto the coupling to reinforce the axial strength. After the laminate is in place, the resin starts to polymerize once exposed to light.

HOBAS Fittings Production

HOBAS manufactures pipe fittings in Units and then assemble the individual parts with laminate. The joints are completely sealed in the process. Laminate is primarily used to ensure leak-tightness and stability. After the joints have been filled and the surfaces primed, HOBAS applies laminate using a hand layup, fiber, spray or filament winding process. Fittings manufactured this way achieve a short-term ring stiffness of at least SN 10000 N/m².

In addition to all standard fittings, custom designs can also be produced cost effectively.