HOBAS Wastewater Systems

HOBAS GRP Sewer Pipe Systems are highly resistant to corrosive substances and therefore ideal for piping municipal wastewater. HOBAS GRP Pipe Systems are widely utilized for sewers as well as bridge, road or tunnel drainage. Thanks to the material's high corrosion resistance, HOBAS Sewer Pipe Systems easily withstand the low pH-value of biogenic sulfuric acid, which is commonly found in wastewater systems.

Equipped with a high performance resin or special liner material, HOBAS GRP Sewer Systems provide an ideal solution even for particularly aggressive media in e.g. industrial applications.

Scope of Supply
Nominal Diameter [DN] 200 - 3600 mm
Nominal Pressure [PN] 1 - 32 bar
Nominal Stiffness [SN] 630 - 1000000 N/m²
Products - Pipes, Joints, Fittings, Accessories
- Waste Water Tanks
- Non-Circular Pipes (NC Line)
- Manholes & Storages
- Retention Systems

HOBAS CSO Chamber (Combined Sewer Overflow)

In cooperation with the CVUT University Prague under the direction of Jaroslav Pollert PhD and in compliance with the EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC, HOBAS developed an efficient GRP overflow system for combined sewers: The HOBAS CSO Chamber separates suspended solids from the wastewater very efficiently and directs them to the wastewater treatment plant, while the cleaned part of the water is led into the receiving water course.

The system is based on a design which has been verified by means of a mathematical CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and a physical model. Through this basic model, flow analyses for various flow rates and dimensions can be simulated and optimized. The model has been repeatedly verified by laboratory tests and actual projects. Each HOBAS CSO Chamber is individually designed and optimized according to the specified requirements.