HOBAS Potable Water Systems

Water leaves the reservoir in a special potable water line. This is where HOBAS comes in with a wide selection of pipe diameters for various pressure classes. The very smooth inner pipe surface with an extremely low roughness coefficient minimizes pressure loss, ensures optimal flow rates and thus helps save energy in pumped systems. A wide choice of standard and custom fittings, including tees, flanges, wyes, and bends round off the product range.

Scope of Supply
Nominal Diameter [DN] 200 - 3600 mm
Nominal Pressure [PN] 1 - 32 bar
Nominal Stiffness [SN] 630 - 1000000 N/m²
Products - Pipes, Joints, Fittings, Accessories
- Potable Water Tanks
- Spring Water Collection Shafts
- Manholes & Storages
- Well- and Filter Pipes

Potable Water Tanks

After collection or extraction, spring and groundwater are fed into the potable water supply network and usually initially stored in a reservoir. With a capacity of five to several hundred cubic meters, HOBAS Tanks are available in a variety of designs. This means that every turnkey storage tank is custom built and supplied in system building units with all extras pre-mounted (e.g. inspection entrance, valve chamber).

Well and Filter Pipes

HOBAS GRP Well and Filter Pipes are employed where large amounts of groundwater can be obtained for potable water. This involves inserting horizontal or vertical pipes into the water-bearing strata below the groundwater table. The water is then extracted through the gravel filter and a large mesh grid, the filter rods. HOBAS Filter Pipes have gained an excellent reputation in this application for their outstanding filter rate because of the large filter area, high strength that can be tailored as required, and cost effectiveness in installation and operation.