HOBAS Irrigation Systems

Water usually has to travel far to its destination. The applied irrigation technology and high-quality equipment makes sure that the water reaches its destination safely.

There are various irrigation techniques that are differentiated by how the water is distributed. The aim is however always the same: to uniformly supply fields with water in order to maximize plant quality and crop yields. From the source the tapped water is transported through mainlines to the valves, the lateral lines and finally the sprinklers or emitters.

Choosing the right pipe products will prove its worth regarding cost-effectiveness: Service life-time, installation, maintenance, hydraulic properties, tightness of the system, etc. play a decisive role for profitability. Thanks to more than half a century of experience in production and development the inherent benefits of HOBAS Pipe Systems represent sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Scope of Supply
Nominal Diameter [DN] 200 - 3600 mm
Nominal Pressure [PN] 1 - 32 bar
Products - Pipes, Joints, Fittings, Accessories